Sunday, April 09, 2006

Only Ghost Stories... Of Course???

Hi Ghost Fans!

This week we go into detail that only castmembers will see. When going through the Walt Disney World Ballroom, we see many things. Ghosts are passed out under the table, swinging from chandiliers, firing shots at each other and enjoying a nice waltz. However, one ghost is enjoying herself by reading a book. Thats right, good ol' granny. So, as the Ghost Host says, "Our library is well stocked with priceless first editions, only ghost stories of course." Well, it looks like Granny has snuck in her own private book. So what is she reading you ask? It is none other than a copy of, "Arizona in the 50's."

From time to time this book pops up on ebay as it is out of print. But, maybe its worth reading. Afterall, Granny has been reading it for over 35 years.


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