Sunday, March 18, 2007

Re-wallpapering on a Stretched Budget

Greetings Ghost Fans,

For years now there has been some debate as to various aspects of the Osmonds 1970 TV special featuring the Haunted Mansion. Much of the ride portion of the special was from a Super 8 reel featuring scenes from the ride. This was interspliced with film of the Osmonds on their tour. One common question however is to what mansion they are really in when they are in the stretch room. In the special, the stretch room appears to have Grey and White stripes, the style seen in the Walt Disney World mansion, whereas the current Disneyland Mansion has an assortment of red's and green's. Could it be that the Osmonds were taken to Florida to film this scene? Not likely. The Mansion itself wasn't fully finished yet.

After more study of the other details of the room, the portrait frames, the ceiling molding, it is apparent that at some point or another, the Disneyland Mansion had similar, if not the same wallpaper as currently seen in Walt Disney World.

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NOTE: I want to thank BPGStudios for the images from the Osmond Special and also for the information.


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