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Priceless Works of Art...

Greetings Ghost Fans,

this week we take a look at an aspect of the Haunted Mansion film. While many people dislike the movie because of the story and the acting, I feel it is a shame that people do not accept it on the merit of its sets, score, makeup, visual effects and costumes. These alone made me love the movie.

Some time ago, I posted about the Portrait, The Armageddon, which was never displayed in the film. However, all before stages of the changing portraits were based on real works of art.

First is Medusa. The original concept of the painting was "Portrait of a Roman Lady" done by Sir Fredrick Leighton. The image for the actual Medusa head was from a sheild painted by Carvaggio.

Next is the Horseman painting. This painting was entitled "Napoleon at St. Bernard", by artist Jacques Louis-David. This is possibly the most recognized painting of Napoleon to date.

The Armageddon. While the images don't perfectly match when they change, they are still similar. The original painting was entitled "Carnival Scene", by artist Giovanni Tiepolo.

Lastly is a mystery... I have done research but I cannot seem to find who created this painting. I assumed that it was Louis-David as well and perhaps it was a painting of Josephine Bonapart. In all of my searches, I have only found one painting, however, it is not this one. The painting in question actually features a man standing (possibly Napoleon), with this painting hanging in the background. However, this painting was part of a photoshop contest on the amazing website, Worth1000. The photoshopped version of the painting can be found here. I contacted the artist to find out more and I will update as soon as I know. If anyone out there knows, I would be grateful for any information.

NOTE! ManorRecluse has come forth with information about the painting. It is titled "Portrait Of Juliette Recamier" by Gérard, François-Pascal-Simon. A Million thanks goes out to you ManorRecluse for solving this mystery!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll make a note of all this. It saddens me to see all these beautifully detailed pictures only get barley a seconds worth of screen time in a movie that could have been a whole lot better. Thank for the pictures and info.

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