Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Show of Hands...

Greetings Ghost Fans,

In each mansion just after the Corridor of Doors and before Madame Leota's Seance is the Clock Hall. This area has drawn inspiration from many Imagineers such as Marc Davis' ghost clock, Ken Andersons clock concepts featuring Grim Reapers, or Rolly Crumps Coffin clock. Though each clock features the same head, body, tail and dimensions, each clock face is slightly different. Excluding the face colors, some clocks feature 12 markings with 13 in place of the 12, and others actually feature 13 different markings. Also, each clock has different hands.

Disneylands clock features wavy looking hands.

Walt Disney Worlds clock features bony fingers.

Tokyo Disneyland appears to just have ornamental pieces, but an abstract face seems present in the hand pointing to 13.

Lastly, Phantom Manor, keeping with its Frontier theme features a half moon and rattlesnake set of hands.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon, these photos are great! Never once did I think that there would be differences with the clocks! It looks like the hands are the things that are really different; the faces, except for Phantom Manor's, look identical (substituting dashes for a solid line around the perimeter). I wonder if they took a mold of Disneyland's clock exterior and just recreated it three times...

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