Sunday, April 23, 2006

And the ghosts will take care of the inside...

Throughout the history of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion, there have been many refurbishments. Some of these have been to update effects, some have been to fix items that were getting constant wear from guest interaction. In 1995, the Haunted Mansion was given a nice new hearse, updated attic popups, a broken down piano and the Ghost Host again told us that the ghosts on the corridor are having trouble getting through.

In the foyer however, the woodwork wainscoting on the walls was raised. Originally it was perhaps two feet off of the ground. By this being within a guests footrange, people could easily raise one foot and rest on it. This however was not a good idea. It caused much wear and tear on the woodwork. What could Disney do? They couldn't remove the wainscoting, it just wouldn't be thematically pleasing. So, Disney took the existing woodwork and added more! The current Disneyland Foyer woodwork extends probably four to five feet above the floor.

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