Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Portrait of Screams To Come

Greetings Ghost Fans,

The Disneyland and Walt Disney World Haunted Mansions have several notable differences in terms of scenes, props, etc. One other thing is that small details in the ride also change from mansion to mansion. For instance, Disneyland has a series of photos lining their Corridor of Doors. These "family photos" are of dressed up popup ghosts later to be seen in the graveyard. Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion does not feature these great photos, or does it?

Riding through the attic, there is a large amount of antiques from all over the world. But wait! Is that a Main Street Horse Hitching Post?! It is! Oh wait, we already talked about that... But what is that on the other side of the photo amid some empty frames?

Why, it appears to be one of the family photos from the Corridor of Doors at Disneyland!

Yes, indeed it is! This begins a new mystery. Are there more hidden portraits in the attic? If so, were these to go into the Corridor? Why aren't they there now? Only time will tell!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beats looking for "hidden Mickeys," IMO.

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