Sunday, February 03, 2008

Eyes in the Wallpaper

Greetings Ghost Fans,

Everyone may be looking at this title and automatically be thinking of the Corridor of Doors. While it is true that there are abstract faces in the wallpaper there, that is not the only intentional eye motif seen in a Mansion.

Many of the wallpapers in the Mansions are Damask patterns. Some naturally appear to have hidden faces or eyes in them when in reality, it is not intentional. However, this week we hop across the pond to Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor.

The bride has aged horribly in all of our encounters and continues to do so as we progress through the Manor. Her last living appearance before we travel to the Underworld is in her private boudior. The entire room has a lilly theme, on the gramophone, the lamps, the wallpaper, all signifying her closeness to death. However, hidden in the wallpaper border at the top of the room made of entangled Lillys are menacing eyes.


Blogger Unknown said...

Wow...great detail!

Thanks for sharing this. One of my dreams is to make it to DPL one day!

10:27 AM  

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