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Greeting Ghost Fans,

When Disneyland and Walt Disney World Mansion's refurbished their attic scenes to incorporate Constance and her husbands, a lot of the junk around the attic was removed and replaced with more wedding style gift items. However, items within the attic that held the theme of wedding gifts were kept.

In the instances of Walt Disney World:

A table that was once on the left-hand side of the track that held the sheet music book "On my Way to Mandalay!" (Seen under the table is actually a Sally plush doll as part of the hidden references to The Nightmare Before Christmas.)

A tall curio cabinet that was once empty features various brick-a-brack. Beneath the vignette is a red carpet that used to be at the feet of the old bride.

In the area of Frank's gifts, a set of plates (which now form a Hidden Mickey), a carpet, an old wicker screen and the candleabra that used to sit atop the Music Room piano.

Across the Doombuggy path from Constance is the old lamp that once hung above Leota when she was in her stationary phase on the table.

A Chair, the painting by L. Mason of a woman grooming her daughter and various other small paintings that once resided near the old bride. Also, a small carpet bag that was once near a hiding place for one of the old pop-up groomsmen.

Of course, these are but to name a few of the interesting props now found within the scene, but it's only with time and more discovery that we can uncover some of the other artifacts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Piles of hatboxes.

There was a rumor in 2006 that this was going to be put into the HM in DL, but when Connie's attic was unveiled, it wasn't there. Well, well...there it is in WDW, so it appears that the rumor had some basis after all.

Of course, we all know what that means...

11:33 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


What an astounding post!

Not sure what else to say but, "Wow!", again.

I think this goes to show what can happen when the Imaginners really take the time (and have the funds) to re-do an attraction the right way.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! The haunted mansion is full of so many secrets! Thanks for posting this =] Lol, i'll look out fot that hidden mickey and sally plush next time

9:25 AM  

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