Monday, September 08, 2008

Who took my T?

Greetings Ghost Fans,
During the planning of The Haunted Mansion, the Imagineers who designed the attraction got credit in a small family plot adjoining the Mansion itself. X. Atencio came up with some witty rememberances which Vic Green then drew out into blueprints. Though, it appears that ol' X should have done a little spellchecking before submitting the words for his own tombstone.

The original blueprint reads Requiesca.

The current tombstone reads Requiescat.

The correct spelling of the word includes the T at the end. It means a prayer in repose for the dead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More precisely, "requiesca(n)t" is a third person singular, subjunctive active verb, and it means "may he rest" or "let him rest." It's shorthand for "requiescant in pace" ("May he rest in peace"). Incidentally, the familiar RIP is an abbreviation of this Latin phrase, and NOT of its English translation, "rest in peace," which happens to provide the same R-I-P acronym.

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