Sunday, April 30, 2006

Practical Voodoo for Dummies

Greetings Ghost Fans!

This week we take another look at the Haunted Mansion movie. In an alternate cut of the movie, Edward Gracey had his own private study where he spent much time trying to bring Elizabeth back from the dead. In the version of the movie that we all got to see, we never did see the study. However, there are many clues to the fact that the study did exist and even the underlying story of using voodoo was still vaguely existent in the finished film.

In the library there was a large globe surrounded by two staircases. Behind this globe was the door to the entrance of the study. The voodoo storyline, while not officially pointed to in the movie also was mentioned in the library when Jim was "living the high life" behind Edwards desk. "Oh Nigel, I just got back from the continent where I picked up the most interesting book called, Raising the Dead."

Below are photos of the set, a few blueprints and even some pictures of Edward's desk where voodoo books entitled, "Voodoo: The study of the Dark Arts," "Spirits of the Undead," and "Cursed Souls" can be found.

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