Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fourth Ward Schoolhouse?


This week, we take a look at an old painting and possibly the true inspiration for Phantom Manor's facade.

Various sources say that Phantom Manor's facade was developed from an old schoolhouse in Nevada. However, when I was flipping through a book of paintings by the artist, Edward Hopper, I found something a little more interesting. Edward Hopper painted a painting entitled "House by the Railroad". This painting shows a spooky old house across a train track. However, this house looks much more like Phantom Manor than the Fourth Ward Schoolhouse does.

However, some inspiration can be taken from the school house, but I feel that this is mainly for the color schemes of the Julie Svensden Ballroom painting of the house, prior to its collapse into ruin.

I honestly don't know if Phantom Manor was based off of this painting or not, I will let you decide.


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