Sunday, June 18, 2006

Urn your spot as ghost #1000

Greetings Ghost Fans!

We all know that the Haunted Mansion can be a dangerous place. You could end up hanging from the rafters, walking forever down an endless hallway, getting stuck within a coffin or coming face to face with a bride with an axe to grind.

However, there is a hidden danger at Disneyland that most guests don't even realize exists. Most people like to take advantage of the ample seating around the Haunted Mansion gates to take a load off. However, lurking behind them by only a few feet is something deadly. That's right, some of the urns contain a little more than plants. They sometimes also contain Black Widow spiders. An official plant guide for Disneyland states that in some urns atop the pillars around the perimeter of the property have been known to play host to these creatures. Luckily every October through January, the spiders live in the nice warm Ballroom, decorating the tree.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're probably attracted by Constance!

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