Sunday, May 21, 2006

We're watching you...


This week we take an indepth look at a prop in all mansions, that at one time was meant to be a little more... animated. Everyone who has been to the mansion realizes that another creepy staple of the ride are the griffins that quietly sit and watch as we enter the boundless realm of mist and decay or as we begin our ascent from the music room to the second floor.

At one moment in time those stately creatures paid a little bit more attention to the passing buggies. Yes, at one time they were intended to slowly turn their heads with each passing buggy. Blueprints have listed that the griffins are "Animated Props." Other blueprints list that the griffins have a line of pivot for their neck movement. However, blueprints are changed and changed often so its hard to tell whether or not they really were meant to. However, there is one little piece of evidence that shows they had more of an intention to create the effect. The next time you are at Disneyland or Phantom Manor, when the crowds die down, ask a cast member if you might be able to see the griffin up close. If you get that chance, make sure to take a trip to City Hall aftewards and fill out a compliment form. If you never get that chance, to see it up close, I have included a picture of the griffin below.


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