Sunday, September 03, 2006

Haven't I seen you before?

At all of the Haunted Mansions at every Disney park, many characters have a unique style. However, many figures share the exact same face. It is possible that numerous different characters may have the exact same face, yet sometimes its indistinguishable because of the different paint styling, clothing and wigs that they wear. Not only are the faces interchanged throughout the Haunted Mansion, but they also span to other attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Carousel of Progress.

Graveyard Hornblower and Carlos the dunking Magistrate

Ballroom Hearse Guest with Umbrella and Auction Wench

Ballroom Table Peeker and Ballroom Organist

Graveyard Horn Blower and Ballroom Birthday Girl

Other characters appear between the Haunted Mansion and Pirates such as one of the men in line to get dunked, the man sitting on the porch of his bayou shack and the king sitting at the ballroom table. The grandmother from Carousel of Progress is also the grandmother sitting in her rocking chair in the ballroom. One of the ballroom dancers is also the father from Carousel of Progress.

The faces are used in many different places but due to the pace we are traveling as well the amazing paint jobs placed on the figures by the Artist Preperators, we never know the difference. Next time you are taking a tour of the mansion or floating through that pirate sacking, see how many faces you can find that are similar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the old man rocking on the porch in the BB lagoon the same as the jailed pirate holding the bone?

1:03 PM  
Blogger Ghost Relations Dept. said...

It sure is. They use that head in many different places throughout both Pirates and Mansion.

1:21 PM  

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