Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Portion of Things To Come

Grettings Ghost Fans,
I apologize for not posting something last week. I'm on the verge of finding out some really awesome information regarding the new bride, Constance and her husbands. Stay Tuned!

This week however, is a post about Walt Disney Worlds new Music Room scene. The music room once only held the piano, but nothing more in terms of musical instruments. It now contains a piano, violin and chello. But also in this mix of musical instruments is a sheet music stand with what appears to be a reference to what will soon be coming in the graveyard. The stand contains a sheet of music named "Vocal Concert in the Open Air."

Sunday, October 07, 2007

If Looks Could Kill

Greetings Ghost Fans,

This week we look at the Mansions newest resident, Constance. There are a few things interesting about each portrait that she is in in the Attic. There are some subtle differences in the portraits, leading up to the last one which is the most dramatic of all, featuring a rose and stance similar that of the Stretch Portrait of the Widow. However, there are a few creative elements to each portrait that should not go overlooked.

First and foremost, Constance gains another pearl necklace with each husband she has. But secondly and possibly my favorite aspect is that with each husband that is wealthier than the last her face goes from a sour grimmace, to a pleased smile.