Saturday, March 29, 2008

And the Ghosts Will Take Care of the Inside...

Grettings Ghost Fans,

Nearly 45 years ago, Walt Disney told Ken Anderson that he wanted everything in his parks to be clean and upkept. While his vision of the Haunted Mansion was close, he didn't want it looking dirty or dilapidated. This addage continued with Walt Disney World for many years until it transformed into what we see today. However, the two Non-Western parks break Walt's tradition entirely. While it does interfere with Walt's original vision, it helps the overall theme that the house is indeed haunted.

In Tokyo, there are many great areas seldom seen given the park capacity. Most of the time you can walk right up to the entrance to enter the Mansion. When the park is full though, you must travel back through a highly developed queue area which reveals a lot more:

One area features a fountain, still in somewhat working order. Close to this area is a pet cemetery as well.

Something that differs from the Walt Disney World Mansion is the addition of a side wing that helps hide the facade. Also visible in this photo is a second copy of the tombstones seen at the entrance area.

A large courtyard behind a tall iron gate features some broken down and nearly destroyed crypts. One even appears to be broken into... perhaps...

It appears that whoever was blocking this corpse in got quite a surprise. No one was breaking in, but rather something breaking out as evident by the skeletal footprints in the mortar.

Monday, March 24, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Greetings Ghost Fans,

This past week a researcher of all things Disneyland stumbled upon some excellent information. The original House that Ken Anderson lifted his originaly sketch of the Disneyland Mansion from was based in Baltimore. For many years, all that existed was a photo of the house. Now, by excellent research from this excellent blog, much of the information about the house has been brought forward. It's this kind of sleuthing that brings much credibility to the fanbase of the Haunted Mansion.

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-The Ghost Relations Dept.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Blogiversary!

Greetings Ghost Fans,

The Ghost Relations Department has been online now for over 2 years! I'm proud to say that it has been a lot of fun digging through the archives and educating the masses about the world's greatest dark ride, The Haunted Mansion. To date, there have been over 55,000 hits to the blog and still going strong.

As a special treat, I have uploaded a short preview video to YouTube for the newest enhancements at Walt Disney World featuring Imagineer Kathy Rogers. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Whiskers the Kitten

Greetings Ghost Fans,

For many years now across the internet on websites, postings and FAQ's, there has always been a decent list of all of the Disneyland pet cemetery tombstones. However, not much attention is paid to Walt Disney World's, most likely to it being overlooked and not something you pass in the queue itself. However, the characters have names different of their Disneyland cousins. Here is just one instance of a great detail that is missed.

1855 - Bad Catnip
1856 - A Shoe at Two
1857 - Sour Milk
1858 - Hairball
1859 - One Bad Year
1859 - Same Year
1860 - Local Dog
1861 - Fell Off Limb
1862 - Nine Lives Always Go So Fast, Poor Whiskers Couldn't Make Them Last

Monday, March 03, 2008

Three Bodies - One Grave

Greetings Ghost Fans,

At the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion, and quite possibly Disneyland (information pending), there is a tombstone in the rides graveyard finale that honors three Imagineers. Some of the other stones feature some artists, designers and technicians involved with the production of Mansion. This tombstone features three of the model builders mostly involved with Mansion; Judi Gray, Fred Joerger and Harriet Burns. Later on, the exterior tombstone once at Disneyland for Phineas Pock was renamed when replanted in Walt Disney World to "Good Old Fred", also named for Mr. Joerger.